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This article is for the Indigenous Australian group. For their language, see Kurrama language.

The Kurrama people are an indigenous Australian people from the Pilbara region of Western Australia.


Kurruma is a member of the Ngayarta group of the Pama–Nyungan language family, and is closely related to Yinjtjiparnti.[1] The language is endangered, with only an estimated 10 speakers remaining (2002).[2]


The Kurama traditional lands encompass much of the higher plateaus of the Hamersley Range. Norman Tindale estimated the extent of their lands as covering 3,700 square miles (9,600 km2). Their eastern boundaries were around Mount McCrae, while the southern limits touched the headwaters of Duck Creek and the upper Hardey River at Rocklea.[3]

Social organization

Kurama initiation required youths to undergo both circumcision and subincision.[3]

Alternatives spellings



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