Konjo language (Sulawesi)

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Native to Indonesia
Region Sulawesi
Native speakers
(280,000 cited 1990–1991)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
kjk – Highland Konjo
kjc – Coastal Konjo
Glottolog konj1250[2]

Konjo is the common name for two closely related, but distinct Austronesian languages of Sulawesi, Indonesia, viz. Highland Konjo and Coastal Konjo. They share about 75% common basic vocabulary.


Highland Konjo is spoken in Bone, Bulukumba, Gowa, and Sinjai regencies of South Sulawesi province, and the interior of the southern peninsula (Ethnologue). It is also spoken in the northwest of the Mount Lompobatang area.

Coastal Konjo is spoken in Bantaeng, Bulukumba, and Sinjai regencies of South Sulawesi province, and around the Selayar Strait (Ethnologue).


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