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Unit system Gravitational metric system
Unit of Torque, Energy
Symbol kp·m or m·kp 
Unit conversions
1 kp·m in ... ... is equal to ...
   SI    9.80665 N·m
   9.80665 J

The Kilopondmetre is an obsolete unit of torque[1] and energy[2] in the gravitational metric system. It is abbreviated kp·m or m·kp, older publications often use m­kg and kg­m as well.

Torque is a product of the length of a lever and the force applied to the lever. One kilopond is the force applied to one kilogram due to gravitational acceleration; this force is exactly 9.80665 N. This means 1 kp·m = 9.80665 kg·m2/s2 = 9.80665 N·m.


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