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Regions with significant populations
 Mongolia 10,000 (2015)[1]
Sunni Islam

The Khoton people are an ethnic group in Mongolia. Most live in Uvs Province, especially in Tarialan, Naranbulag and Ulaangom. While the Khotons spoke a Turkic language until the 18th century, most now speak the Dörbet dialect of the Oirat people. Khotons often avoid mainstream Mongolian written culture.[2] There were officially about 6,100 Khotons in 1989.[2]

History and culture

The Khotons are reputed to be descended from members of Kyrgyz tribe.

Khoton or Khotong was originally a Mongol term for Muslim Uyghur and Hui people, or Chinese language-speaking Muslims.[2]

The Khotons settled in Mongolia by Oirats[clarification needed] in the 17th century. According to another version, settled in Mongolia after 1753, when their leader, the Dörbet Prince Tseren Ubashi, surrendered to the Qing Dynasty.[2]

Unlike most Mongolians, Khotons follow a syncretic religion retaining some aspects of Islam, and traditionally avoid intermarriage with other ethnic groups.[2]


The Khotons of Western Mongolia, 1979.

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