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The Kharmang Valley (Urdu: وادی کھرمنگ) is one of the five biggest valleys of Baltistan; recently it became a district, whose headquarters is Temperorily at Tolti .[1] The valley is located about 100 km from the capital city of Baltistan Skardu

Kharmang District
Coordinates: 34°56′40″N 76°13′21″E / 34.94444°N 76.22250°E / 34.94444; 76.22250
Country Pakistan
Province Gilgit-Baltistan
Headquarters Kharmang
 • Total 7,909 km2 (3,054 sq mi)
 • Estimate (1998) 188,000
Time zone UTC+5 (PST)

Kharmang District is a political sub-division of Pakistan. It is part of Baltistan and currently constitutes one of the ten districts of the Gilgit–Baltistan territory of Pakistan. It is bounded on the south by Kargil district of the Jammu and Kashmir, on the northeast by Ghanche District of GB, on the north by Skardu District of GB and on the west by Astore District of GB. Olding kharmang is a largest village of kharmang and it is located near kargil town jammu and kashmir. Olding is most populated area of kharmang .its about 3000 house has many small village in olding such as mumosh,harghosil,mumush thang waddi, gangani,bila rgho,and other small area

olding town is capital of border area of olding . Gohari Thang Madhupur is the capital of Kharmang District. Kharmang District also have many tourist resorts like Manthokha Waterfall, Khamoush WaterFall, Kharmang Khas fort,Mehdiabad etc. where large number of local as well as foreign tourist visit on daily basis. The apples of "Pari" are very famous due to its taste,color and sweet smell.Dry fruit is also very important source of income of many families specially dry apricot and apricot Oil play as vital source of income.

"Shiekh Ali Brolmo" a religious scholar who played important role in the preaching Islam in 20th century. "Shiekh Mohsin Ali Najafi" a prominent religious personality of Pakistan also Belongs to Manthokha Kharmang District. Current Chief Justice of Supreme Appellate Court Justice Wazir Shakeel Ahmed Also hails from Mehdiabad Of District Kharmang.

Kharmang valley is a scattered populated area, with a population of about 20,000 households, mostly in scattered villages. Kharmang District starts from Mehdiabad town, Katishoo Nala Mehdiabad and includes sub villages stretching through the villages of Ghasing, Manthokha, Madhupur, Madhupur Nala (Mantho and Goruyq), Gohari, Hilalabad, Hilalabad Nala(Malbrooq, Lotan, etc.), Kamangu, Kamangu Gons, Tolti, Mayurdu, Pari, Ghandus, Baghicha, Karmang Khaas, Hamzigond, Olding Brrolmo and Brresel. Also, Kusuro, Ganokh, Angut, etc. are higher altitude branch valleys of Kharmang.olding kharmang is the historical and defensive village of kharmang .there are many beautiful water falls in kharmang 1)khamosh water fall/ manthoka water fall .olding water fall shadas oldin and other big and small beautiful water fall are located in kharmang.olding is the sub division headquarter of olding sector.People of olding kharmang is one of the educated among kharmangis

The main source of income is subsistence livestock rearing. Natives of Kharmang Valley speak Balti and Shina is also a native language in few villages, including Tarkati and Broolmo. Most belong to Shia sect of Islam. Kharmang is counted among the educated districts of Gilgit Baltistan with a literacy rate of over 85%.


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