Khanom tan

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Khanom tan
Type Dessert
Place of origin Thailand
Main ingredients Toddy palm, coconut milk, rice flour and sugar
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Khanom tan (Thai: ขนมตาล; pronounced [kʰā.nǒm tāːn]) is a local popular Thai dessert which can be found in the provinces that have sugar palm, such as Phetchaburi, Nakhon Pathom and Suphanburi.[1]

Khanom tan is made in the same way as khanom kluay.[2] Khanom tan is made from banana and coconut milk, rice flour, yeast, and toddy palms (palm sugar). Toddy palm has a strong smell when crushed.[3] Palm is very rich in vitamins A and C, and is juicy and soft, similar to lychee.[4] The special way to make khanon tan involves fermenting so it becomes soft and tasty. It is a small circular bun, yellow and fluffy, with a strong taste and sweet smell.


Khanom tan is made from rice flour, ripe sugar palm fruit, coconut milk, scraped coconut, sugar and salt.[4]


The shell is peeled off the ripe sugar palm fruit and the pulp is scraped off. The pulp is mixed with water and put in a cloth bag to completely drain. Then the pulp is mixed with rice flour, and coconut milk is added. The mixture is left outside and steamed with boiling water.[5]

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