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Khana Junction
Indian Railway Station
Junction station
Khana Jn. Station.jpg
Khana Jn. railway station
Location Khana, Bardhaman, West Bengal
Coordinates 23°19′15″N 87°46′12″E / 23.32091°N 87.769989°E / 23.32091; 87.769989
Line(s) Howrah-Delhi main line , Sahibganj Loop
Structure type Standard (on ground station)
Other information
Status Functioning
Station code KAN
Zone(s) Eastern Railway
Division(s) Howrah
Opened 1854
Electrified 1957-1962
Previous names East Indian Railway
Bardhaman–Asansol section
Up arrow to Asansol–Gaya section, Main Line
111 Left arrow to Asansol–Tatanagar–Kharagpur line / Burnpur
Burnpur Airport
106 Mohishila / Asansol Junction
Grand Trunk Road
Left arrow Freight Bypass to Damodar Station
101 Kalipahari / Asansol Airfield
Nunia River
92 Nimcha Halt
Nimcha Colliery Siding
88 Raniganj
Damodar River
Mejia Thermal Power Station
83 Baktarnagar Halt
UpperRight arrow to Andal–Sitarampur branch line
Right arrow to Andal–Sainthia branch line
80 Andal / Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport
Andal Marshalling Yard
74 Pinjrapol Halt
72 Waria
Durgapur Steel Plant
Alloy Steels Plant
Raturia Angadpur industrial area
Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL)
64 Durgapur
Jai Balaji Industries
Indian Oil Corporation depot
56 Rajbandh
48 Panagarh / Panagarh Airport
NH 19 (Old NH 2) / Grand Trunk Road
38 Mankar
29 Paraj
23 Galsi
20 Ishan Chandi Halt
Right arrow to Sahibganj Loop
13 Khana
Left arrow to Bowaichandi (under construction)
8 Talit
Right arrow to Burdwan Katwa Railway
0 Barddhaman Junction
Down arrow Main line, Chord

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Khana Junction is a railway station in Bardhaman Sadar North subdivision of Purba Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal.


During the middle of the nineteenth century, Carr, Tagore and Company transported coal from Narayankuri ghat on the Damodar River to Kolkata, then known as Calcutta. However, as the flow of water in the river was inconsistent, supplies were irregular. In order to capture the lucrative coal transport business, East Indian Railway, extended the railway track that had been laid between Kolkata and Hooghly to Raniganj in 1855.[6][7][8]

Construction of what was then considered to be the Howrah-Delhi main line was started in 1859, when the Khana junction-Rajmahal line was built. In 1866 Kolkata and Delhi were directly linked. With the completion of the 406 kilometres (252 mi) long line connecting Raniganj with Kiul in 1871, a "shorter main line" was in position. Initially, it was called the chord line. However, as it attracted more traffic it was designated the main line and the original line, operating between Khana Junction and Kiul Junction, became the Sahibganj Loop.[8]


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