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Kasia Jaszczolt
Professor Kasia Jaszczolt.jpg
Professor Kasia Jaszczolt at Newnham College, 2017
Residence Cambridgeshire, England, UK
Alma mater University of Oxford
Known for Default Semantics, research on belief ascription, semantics of propositional attitudes, and conceptualisation of time
Scientific career
Fields Linguistics, Philosophy
Institutions University of Cambridge

Katarzyna M. (Kasia) Jaszczolt, D.Phil. (Oxon), Ph.D (Cantab), MAE (/ˈjɑːʃ.t/) is a Polish and British linguist and philosopher. She is currently Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy of Language at the University of Cambridge, and Professorial Fellow at Newnham College, Cambridge.[1][2]

She is the author of a theory of discourse interpretation, Default Semantics (https://global.oup.com/academic/product/default-semantics-9780199226689?q=default%20semantics&lang=en&cc=gb), in which she breaks away from the tradition of modelling utterance meaning by means of a sentence-based proposition and proposes instead so-called 'merger representations' – conceptual representations which combine the output of various linguistic and non-linguistic sources of information leading to the recovery of speaker meaning, shifting compositionality from the level of syntactic structures to the level of the merger.[3] She has published widely on various topics in philosophy of language, semantics and pragmatics, including representing time in language and mind, ambiguity and underdetermination of meaning, propositional attitudes, and representing the self. She is general editor of a book series Oxford Studies of Time in Language and Thought, Oxford University Press (with Louis de Saussure) and member of several editorial boards of linguistics journals, including Journal of Pragmatics, Intercultural Pragmatics and Belgian Journal of Linguistics, and book series, including Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy and Psychology, Springer, and Studies in Pragmatics, Elsevier. From 1996 to 2008 she was principal editor of a book series Current Research in the Semantics/Pragmatics Interface, Elsevier. She was also a member of the Committee of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB).[4] In 2012 she was elected member of Academia Europaea and in 2015 Alumnus VIP, University of Łódź. Her publications and talks can be accessed on her Academia.edu page.

Education and Career

Kasia Jaszczolt was born on 9 December 1963 in Łódź, Poland. She studied English and Linguistics (1982-1987) and Philosophy (1983-88) at the University of Łódź and obtained Masters degrees in both subject areas. In 1988-92 she studied for her doctorate at the University of Oxford, first as a Soros Scholar at Somerville College and then as Rawnsley Scholar at St Hugh’s College. She obtained her doctorate (D.Phil.) for a thesis on the semantics of propositional attitude reports in which she pioneered the employment of ideas from Husserl’s phenomenology in a contextualist semantics of belief reports (based on the idea of various vehicles of thought), also introducing a novel formal analysis. Ever since, in her academic career she has combined interests in meaning in natural language and in communication with interests in philosophy of language and mind, epistemology and metaphysics. She taught at the universities of Oxford, Sussex and Brighton, before taking up a position of an assistant lecturer at the University of Cambridge in 1995, followed by Lecturer, Reader, and since 2009 full Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy of Language.


2015 Alumnus VIP, University of Łódź

2012 elected member of Academia Europaea

1999 Doctor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge

(for invited lectures, public talks, keynote presentations and direction of research projects see cv http://people.pwf.cam.ac.uk/kmj21/CV.Nov2018.pdf)

Selected publications

Selected books:

  • Meaning in Linguistic Interaction: Semantics, Metasemantics, Philosophy of Language. 2016. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Representing Time: An Essay on Temporality as Modality. 2009. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Default Semantics: Foundations of a Compositional Theory of Acts of Communication. 2005. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Semantics and Pragmatics: Meaning in Language and Discourse. 2002. London: Longman.
  • Discourse, Beliefs and Intentions: Semantic Defaults and Propositional Attitude Ascription. 1999. Oxford: Elsevier Science.

In addition, Jaszczolt authored over 90 research articles and edited, co-edited and co-authored 12 book collections. Full list of her publications can be seen on http://people.ds.cam.ac.uk/kmj21/publications.html and pre-prints on https://cambridge.academia.edu/KasiaJaszczolt

External links

  • Kasia Jaszczolt's Homepage
  • Publications and talks (academia.edu)


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