Kannada (Unicode block)

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Range U+0C80..U+0CFF
(128 code points)
Plane BMP
Scripts Kannada
Major alphabets Kannada
Assigned 88 code points
Unused 40 reserved code points
Source standards ISCII
Unicode version history
1.0.0 80 (+80)
4.0 82 (+2)
5.0 86 (+4)
7.0 87 (+1)
9.0 88 (+1)
Note: [1][2]

Kannada is a Unicode block containing characters for the Kannada, Tulu and Kodava languages. In its original incarnation, the code points U+0C82..U+0CCD were a direct copy of the Kannada characters A2-ED from the 1988 ISCII standard. The Devanagari, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam blocks were similarly all based on their ISCII encodings.


Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+0CBx ಿ
U+0CFx  ೱ   ೲ 
1.^ As of Unicode version 10.0
2.^ Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points


The following Unicode-related documents record the purpose and process of defining specific characters in the Kannada block:

Version Final code points[a] Count L2 ID WG2 ID Document
1.0.0 U+0C82..0C83, 0C85..0C8C, 0C8E..0C90, 0C92..0CA8, 0CAA..0CB3, 0CB5..0CB9, 0CBE..0CC4, 0CC6..0CC8, 0CCA..0CCD, 0CD5..0CD6, 0CDE, 0CE0..0CE1, 0CE6..0CEF 80 (to be determined)
L2/01-303 Vikas, Om (2001-07-26), Letter from the Government from India on "Draft for Unicode Standard for Indian Scripts" 
L2/01-304 Feedback on Unicode Standard 3.0, 2001-08-02 
L2/01-305 McGowan, Rick (2001-08-08), Draft UTC Response to L2/01-304, "Feedback on Unicode Standard 3.0" 
L2/01-430R McGowan, Rick (2001-11-20), UTC Response to L2/01-304, “Feedback on Unicode Standard 3.0” 
L2/13-232 A, Srinidhi (2013-12-03), Request to change the Unicode chart font for Kannada 
4.0 U+0CBC..0CBD 2 L2/01-431R[b] McGowan, Rick (2001-11-08), Actions for UTC and Editorial Committee in response to L2/01-430R 
L2/02-117 N2425 McGowan, Rick (2002-03-21), Additional Characters for Indic Scripts 
L2/03-102 Vikas, Om (2003-03-04), Unicode Standard for Indic Scripts 
L2/03-101.5 Proposed Changes in Indic Scripts [Kannada document], 2003-03-04 
5.0 U+0CE2..0CE3 2 L2/04-364 N2860 Everson, Michael (2004-10-22), Proposal to add six characters for Kannada to the BMP of the UCS 
U+0CF1..0CF2 2 L2/04-364 N2860 Everson, Michael (2004-10-22), Proposal to add six characters for Kannada to the BMP of the UCS 
L2/09-342[c] Sharma, Shriramana (2010-10-09), Misrepresentation in Unicode of characters related to the Sanskrit sounds Jihvamuliya and Upadhmaniya 
L2/13-242 A, Srinidhi (2013-12-24), Representation of Jihvamuliya and Upadhmaniya in Kannada 
L2/14-066 Sharma, Shriramana (2014-02-07), Representation of the Brahmi and Kannada Jihvamuliya/Upadhmaniya Characters in the Code Charts 
7.0 U+0C81 1 L2/10-392R2 N3964 Sharma, Shriramana (2010-10-11), Request to encode South Indian CANDRABINDU-s 
9.0 U+0C80 1 L2/14-153 N4591 Rajan, Vinodh (2014-07-18), Proposal to encode Kannada Sign Spacing Candrabindu 
L2/14-166 A, Srinidhi (2014-07-22), Usage of Kannada Sign Spacing Candrabindu in Vedic texts 
L2/14-188 Sharma, Shriramana (2014-07-31), Comments on proposal for Kannada Sign Spacing Candrabindu 
L2/15-158 Sharma, Shriramana (2015-05-18), Attestations for Sama Vedic usage of 0C80 KANNADA SIGN SPACING CANDRABINDU 
  1. ^ Proposed code points and characters names may differ from final code points and names
  2. ^ See also L2/01-303, L2/01-304, L2/01-305, and L2/01-430R
  3. ^ See also L2/09-404


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