Kamta-Rajaula State

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Kamta-Rajaula State
कामता-राजुला रियासत
Princely Estate (Jagir)
Location of Kamta-Rajaula
The area of the Chaube Jagirs in the Imperial Gazetteer of India
 •  Established 1812
 •  Independence of India 1948
 •  1901 34 km2 (13 sq mi)
 •  1901 1,232 
Density 36.2 /km2  (93.8 /sq mi)

Kamta-Rajaula was a princely state in India during the British Raj.


It was one of the Chaube Jagirs, part of the Bagelkhand Agency which was merged into the Indian state of Vindhya Pradesh in 1948.

Kamta-Rajaula was a place of pilgrimage, for according to legend it was one of the places where Rama had been.[1] The capital was the village of Rajaula, located at 15 km from Karwi railway station.


The rulers of Kamta-Rajaula were titled 'Rao'.[2] All the rulers of Kamta-Rajaula state were Jujhautiya Brahmins.[3]


  • 1812 - 1873 Gopal Lal
  • 1873 - 18.. Bharat Prasad
  • 1892 - 1906* Ram Prasad
  • 1928 - 1946 Radha Kishan
  • 1946 - 1947 Rajiv Nandan Prasad

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Coordinates: 25°11′N 80°51′E / 25.183°N 80.850°E / 25.183; 80.850

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