Kalmyk Americans

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Kalmyk Americans
Total population
Regions with significant populations
New Jersey
American English, Kalmyk Oirat, Russian
Tibetan Buddhism, Tengrism

Kalmyk Americans[1] are Americans of Kalmyk descent. These people originated in Dzungaria (located in contemporary China), but moved to Russia in the 16th century where they were assimilated. In 2000, their number in New Jersey numbered about 3,000.[2]

Notable people


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External links

  • Map Collection of the Library of Congress: "Carte de Tartarie" of Guillaume de L'Isle (1675-1726) ; shows territories of Kalmyks as in 1706.
  • Kalmyk Mongolian Buddhist Center, Howell, New Jersey
  • Tashi Lhunpo Temple, a Kalmyk Buddhist temple in Howell, New Jersey
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