Kajo Keji

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Kajo Keji
Downtown Kajo Keji, Sudan - panoramio (1).jpg
Kajo Keji is located in South Sudan
Kajo Keji
Kajo Keji
Location in South Sudan
Coordinates: 03°50′57″N 31°39′28″E / 3.84917°N 31.65778°E / 3.84917; 31.65778
Country  South Sudan
Region Equatoria
State Central Equatoria
 • Total 196,000
Climate Aw

Kajokeji, also spelled Kajokaji, Kajukeji, Kajo-keji and Kago Kaju, is a town in South Sudan.


Kajokeji is part of the six counties of Central Equatoria (one of the ten states of South Sudan). It is approximately 150 kilometres (93 mi), by road, south of Juba, the capital of and largest city in South Sudan. It lies near the state border with Eastern Equatoria State and close to the international border with Uganda, to the south.[1][2] The town of Nimule lies approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) by road southeast of Kajo Keji, at the point where the Victoria Nile leaves Uganda to enter South Sudan. The coordinates of Kajo Keji are:3°50'57.0"N, 31°39'28.0"E (Latitude:3.849167; Longitude:31.657778).[3]


Kajo Keji and the surrounding community are home to the Kuku people.[4] The town is home to the headquarters of the Anglican Diocese of Kajo Keji, with Bishop Anthony Poggo being the prelate.[5] Equity Bank South Sudan Limited maintains a branch in the town, being the only commercial bank in the county.[6]


As of June 2010, the population of Kajo Keji was estimated at 196,000.[7]

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