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K.D. Sethna
Born (1904-11-26)26 November 1904
Died 29 June 2011(2011-06-29) (aged 106)
Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India
Pen name Amal Kiran
Occupation Poet, scholar, writer, philosopher, and cultural critic
Nationality Indian

Kaikhosru Dadhaboy (K.D.) Sethna (26 November 1904 – 29 June 2011) was an Indian poet, scholar, writer, philosopher, and cultural critic. He published more than 40 books. He was also known as Amal Kiran.

Sethna studied at Bombay University and was one of Sri Aurobindo's earliest disciples, arriving at the Sri Aurobindo's ashram in 1927, at age 23, to take up the path of Integral Yoga under Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa. He was given the name Amal Kiran, or "Clear Ray," by Sri Aurobindo in 1930. His book of poems Inmost Beauty was published at 1933.

In 1949 he was a founding editor of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram journal Mother India, which he edited for almost 50 years. He retired in 2000, after a career spanning 67 years.

Sethna was born a Parsi-Zoroastrian, but discontinued its practice after becoming a disciple of Sri Aurobindo. He celebrated his 100th birthday in 2004. At the time of his death, at the age of 106, he was one of the world's oldest living authors.[1]

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