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Judicael (or Yezekael) (died 888 or 889) was the Duke of Brittany from 876 to his death. He was a son of a daughter of Erispoe and claimed Brittany after the death of the pretenders Wrhwant and Pascweten in mid 876.

During the reign of Salomon (857–874), Judicael controlled either all of Cornouaille or just Poher (Poucaer) with the title of princeps Poucher. He represented western Breton interests against those of the powerful rulers of Vannes, Pascweten and then Alan the Great, who opposed his claim to the Breton dukedom.

Judicael reconciled with Alan to fight the Vikings, however. Together, they defeated the raiders at the Battle of Questembert in 888 or 889, but Judicael lost his life in the fighting.

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Preceded by
and Wrhwant
Duke of Brittany
disputed with Alan I
Succeeded by
Alan I
Preceded by
Count of Rennes Succeeded by
Berengar II
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