John Pomeroy (British Army officer)

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John Pomeroy
Born 1724 (1724)
Died 10 June 1790 (1790-06-11) (aged 65)
Occupation British Army general

John Pomeroy (1724 – 10 June 1790) was an Irish general, the younger brother of Arthur Pomeroy, 1st Viscount Harberton.[1]

He was elected to the Irish House of Commons as Member of Parliament for Carrick in 1755 and for Trim in May 1761.[2]

On 9 March 1762 he was promoted from Lieutenant-Colonel to Colonel of Foot,[3] and later to Major-General. He served in North America, including at the Battle of Bunker Hill.[1] He was appointed to the Privy Council of Ireland on 28 May 1777[4] and promoted to Lieutenant-General on 6 September 1777.[5]

In 1783 he was re-elected for Trim alongside William Wellesley,[6] and in May 1790 alongside Arthur Wellesley.[7]

On his death later that year, he was succeeded as MP for Trim by Clotworthy Taylor,[2] and as Colonel of the 64th Regiment of Foot by Major-General John Leland.[8]


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