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Johann Caspar Horn or Kaspar (fl. 1640s) was a German composer, physician and musician.[1] At Dresden he was connected with Heinrich Schütz.

Works, editions and recordings

  • Geistliche Harmonien, Wintertheil (Dresden, 1680)
  • Geistliche Harmonien, Sommertheil (Dresden, 1681)
  • Parergon musicum, oder Musicalisches Neben-Werck (Leipzig. 1663-76) [2]


  1. ^ The courtly consort suite in German-speaking Europe, 1650-1706 p23 Michael Robertson - 2009 -"Even town musicians appeared to find the distinction important. In 1663, the Leipzig physician and musician, Johann Caspar Horn, published the first two volumes of his Parergon musicum (Erfurt, 1663). The first volume, made up entirely ..."
  2. ^ Essentials in Music History p188 Thomas Tapper, Percy Goetschius - 2001 - "In the same year Johann Caspar Horn's famous Parergon musicum was published, consisting of dances for two choruses, with violins, flutes, cornets, shawms, and the basso continuo (probably played, as was quite universal, ..."

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