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Johann Jakob Herzog (12 September 1805, Basel – 30 September 1882, Erlangen), was a Swiss-German Protestant theologian.

Herzog studied theology at the University of Basel and Berlin, earning his doctorate at the University of Basel in 1830. In 1835-1846 he was a professor of historical theology at the Academy in Lausanne. Afterwards he served as a professor in Halle, and eventually (1854), he settled at Erlangen as a professor of church history.[1]

Herzog is remembered for his writings on the history of the Reformation (Zwingli, John Calvin, Johannes Oecolampadius), and for his studies of the Waldensian Church.[1]

Herzog was author of the "Real-Encyklopädie für protestantische Theologie und Kirche" (1853–1868, 22 volumes), of which a new edition, in collaboration with Gustav Leopold Plitt and Albert Hauck, was published from 1877 to 1888 (18 volumes). From 1896 to 1913, Hauck released a third edition of the encyclopedia (24 volumes; Vol 1–22, 1896–1909, with two later supplements).[2][3] Based on the encyclopedia's third edition, the New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge was subsequently published in English from 1908 to 1914 (13 volumes).[4]

Other writings by Herzog

  • Das Leben Johannes Oekolampads und die Reformation der Kirche zu Basel, 1843.[5]
  • Die romanischen Waldenser, ihre vorreformatorischen Zustände und Lehren, 1853.[6]
  • Abriss der gesammten Kirchengeschichte (3 vols, 1876–1882, 2nd ed., G Koffmane, Leipzig, 1890–1892).


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