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Jo Min-ki
Jo Min-gi from acrofan cropped.jpg
Jo Min-ki in 2012
Born (1965-11-05)November 5, 1965
Seoul, South Korea
Died March 9, 2018(2018-03-09) (aged 52)
Seoul, South Korea
Cause of death Suicide by hanging[1]
Other names Cho Min-ki
Education Cheongju University - B.A. Theater and Film
Chung-Ang University Graduate School - Master's degree in Performing Arts
Occupation Actor
Years active 1990–2018
Agent Will Entertainment
Kim Sun-jin (m. 1991)
Children 2
Korean name
Revised Romanization Jo Min-gi
McCune–Reischauer Cho Min-gi

Jo Min-ki (November 5, 1965 – March 9, 2018) was a South Korean actor. He is best known for his roles in the television series Love and Ambition,[2] East of Eden,[3][4] Queen Seondeok,[5] and Flames of Desire. He was also a noted photographer and published two books and held solo exhibitions,.[6][7][8] In addition since 2010 he was an assistant professor at Cheongju University.[9][10]

Following high-profile accusations of sexual misconduct from numerous students, Jo was found dead at an underground parking lot in Seoul in an apparent suicide on March 9, 2018.[11]


TV series

Year Title Original Title Role Network Ref.
1992 MBC Best Theater (ko) - Reason to Love Someone MBC 베스트 극장 - 누군가 사랑하려는 이유 Young Seop MBC
1993 Pilot (ko) 파일럿 Korean Air cabin crew
1994 Ambition (ko) 야망
General Hospital (1994 TV series) (ko) 종합병원
Kareisky (ko) 까레이스키
1995 TV City (ko) TV시티
Jazz (ko) 째즈 Yoon Ba-da SBS
My Love Yoo-mi (ko) 내 사랑 유미 Cha Dong-hyuk KBS2
1996 Star (ko) Song Ma-ru MBC
City Men (ko) 도시남녀 Yoo Jin-ha SBS
MBC Best Theater (ko) - Yeo Woon-po serenade MBC 베스트 극장 - 여운포 세레나데 MBC
Mother's Flag (ko) 엄마의 깃발 Kim Seung-joon SBS
When Salmon Returns (ko) 연어가 돌아올 때 Lee Kang-jae
1997 SBS 70-minute Drama (ko) - After Love SBS 70분드라마 - 사랑한 후에 In Jae SBS
Tears of Roses (ko) 장미의 눈물 Joo Young-mo
SBS 70-minute Drama (ko) - Bicycle Thief 70분드라마 - 자전거 도둑
White Christmas (ko) 화이트 크리스마스 Yoon-ho
1998 SBS 70-minute Drama (ko) - Dad Waiting for the Kindergarten Bus SBS 70분드라마 - 유치원 버스를 기다리는 아빠 SBS
Love (ko) 사랑 Nam Joon-ho MBC
Partner 파트너 Han Kang-woo SBS
Summer Horror Special (ko) - One day Suddenly 납량특선 8부작 - 어느날 갑자기 Han Seung
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (ko) 7인의 신부 Jang Goo
Blushing with Love (ko) 수줍은 연인 이현철 Lee Hyun-chul MBC
Angel's Kiss (ko) 천사의 키스 Lee Muk-hyeon KBS2
1999 Ad Madness (ko) 광끼 Kim Nam-jin
You Don't Know My Mind (ko) 남의 속도 모르고 CEO Noh MBC
MBC Best Theater (ko) - Old love MBC 베스트 극장 - 옛사랑 Jung Joon
2000 The World's Morning 세상의 아침 SBS
Feels Good (ko) 느낌이 좋아 Kang Sung-joo MBC
Tough Guy's Love (ko) 꼭지 Song Joon-tae KBS2
Foolish Princes (ko) 온달 왕자들 Yeo Shi-woo MBC
2001 Open Drama Man & Woman 우리도 같은 꿈을 꾸는 걸까? Tae-soo SBS
School 4 학교 4 Jung Ji-seok, music teacher KBS2
Sweet Bear (ko) 반달곰 내 사랑 Kim Hyung-joon MBC
Everyday with You (ko) 매일 그대와 Jo Tae-woo
2002 Hard Love (ko) 거침없는 사랑 Han Jung-hwan KBS2
Inspector Park Mun-su (ko) 어사 박문수 King Yeongjo MBC
2003 Yellow Handkerchief (ko) 노란 손수건 Jung Young-joon KBS1
While You Were Dreaming (ko) 그대 아직도 꿈꾸고 있는가 Kim Hyuk-joo MBC
2004 Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin 불멸의 이순신 King Seonjo KBS1
Wives on Strike (ko) 아내의 반란 Jo Joon-ki SBS
2006 Love and Ambition (ko) 사랑과 야망 Park Tae-joon
2008 Iljimae 일지매 Lee Won-ho SBS
East of Eden 에덴의 동쪽 Shin Tae-hwan MBC
2009 Queen Seondeok 선덕여왕 King Jinpyeong
Wife Returns 아내가 돌아왔다 Yoon Sang-woo SBS [12]
2010 Dr. Champ 닥터챔프 Professor Seo (cameo appearance) SBS
Flames of Desire 욕망의 불꽃 Kim Young-min MBC
2011 Me Too, Flower! 나도 꽃 Park Tae-hwa MBC
2012 Five Fingers 다섯손가락 Yoo Man-se (cameo appearance) SBS
Dream of Three Men, Father 세 남자의 꿈, 아버지 Narrator KBS1
The Great Seer 대풍수 Lee In-im SBS
2013 Two Weeks 투윅스 Moon Il-seok MBC
Golden Rainbow 황금 무지개 Seo Jin-ki
Drama Festival (ko) - Lee Sang That Lee Sang MBC 드라마 페스티벌 - 이상 그 이상 Soo-young
2015 Splendid Politics 화정 Kim Ja-jeom MBC
Orange Marmalade 오렌지 마말레이드 Jung Byung-kwon KBS2
2016 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 달의 연인 - 보보경심 려 King Taejo SBS [13]

Variety shows

Year Title Original Title Network Ref.
1999 Sunday Best 풍차 둘, 소라 하나 KBS1
2007 Jo Min-ki's Damage ComedyTV
2011 Travel the World 세상의 모든 여행 MBC
Directors 디렉터스 시즌1 Ongamenet [14]
2012 Top Gear Korea Season 2 탑 기어 코리아 시즌2 XTM [15][16]
2015 Take Care of My Dad 아빠를 부탁해 SBS




Album information Track listing
  • Album
  • Released: October 22, 2010
  • Label: Sonic스톤 / Yedang Company
Track listing
  1. Intro
  2. 사랑 그 후
  3. 설레임
  4. Good Bye
  5. 사랑 그 후(MR)


  • Photo Album of Jo's Wandering (Hangul조씨유랑화첩; 2008)
  • Happy to Have Found You (Hangul당신을 만나 행복합니다; 2005)


On February 22, 2018, Jo Min-ki was accused of sexually harassing his students, which he initially denied.[22][23] It was then revealed that he had resigned from a teaching post at Cheongju University,[24] and dropped out of his upcoming drama Children of a Lesser God.[25] A week later, Jo apologized and admitted to the allegations.[10] It was confirmed that Jo would be investigated by the police and was due to turn himself in for questioning by Monday March 12, 2018.[26][10] Shortly before his death, police announced that he was banned from leaving the country during the investigation.[27] Following Jo's death, it was announced he had written and sent a written apology on February 26, however his agency decided not to release it and instead released an official statement of apology.[28]


Jo Min-ki was found dead from an apparent suicide by hanging on March 9, 2018, in an underground parking lot near his home in Gwangjin District of Seoul.[11][29] Jo left a six-page suicide note in which he apologized to his family and students, although the police have declined to release the full contents of the note.[30] A private funeral was held for Jo at the Konkuk University Hospital Funeral Home in Seoul.[31]



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