Jialishan Range

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Jialishan Range
Jia Li Shan.jpg
The mountain which has a height of 2,220 m., also known as Mt. Jiali or Jiali Shan, in Miaoli County
Highest point
Peak Mount Le (Chinese: 樂山; pinyin: Lèshān)
Elevation 2,618 m (8,589 ft)
Coordinates 24°29′55″N 121°04′13″E / 24.4985°N 121.0704°E / 24.4985; 121.0704Coordinates: 24°29′55″N 121°04′13″E / 24.4985°N 121.0704°E / 24.4985; 121.0704
Taiwan-Jialishan Range.jpg
The location of Jialishan Range.
Location  Republic of China
Mountain type Mountain range

Jialishan Range (Chinese: 加里山山脈) is a mountain range in northern Taiwan. It is also regarded as the northern part of "Western Thrust Fault Mountains" (西部衝上斷層山地) by Tomita Yoshirou and Lin Chaoqi.

Although it is named as "Range", some scholars think it only is a piedmont belt. It does not find a mention in the geography textbooks of elementary schools and high schools. The reason is Jialishan Range was cut by several rivers.

The tallest peak of Jialishan Range is Mount Le (樂山), which has a height of 2,618 m.


Jialishan Range faces the Xueshan Range on the east and Alishan Range on the south.


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