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Jharkhand Party, (JKP) is a political party in India. The party was founded on March 5, 1949 at a large conference in Ranchi. Jaipal Singh was elected president and Idsen Deba general secretary. JKP grew out of the demand for a separate Jharkhand state.[1]

The party fared well in the 1952 elections, and got 32 seats out of 352 seats in Bihar assembly becoming a major opposition party.[1]

In Present

After Jaipal Singh Munda and ex party Chief N.E Horo.[2] In Current time Mr. Pyara Mundu[3] is the party president of Jharkhand party ( JKP).

Main Party Headquartar[4] Main Road Ranchi - 834001 ( Jharkhand ) India.[5]

JKP Central working Committee List

Jharkhand Party Central Committee's main office is located in Ranchi. Currently the list of Central Committee members is as follows:[6] -

Party Chief - Mr. Pyara Mundu[3]

working President - Mr. Saban Horo

 Vice President       - Mr.Ruben Dang 
                                  - Mr. Budhram 
                                  - Mr. Johan Pahan

Gen. Secretary - Mr. Nutan Kerketta

   Treasurer       - Mr. Thiodor Surin
                             Mrs. Sugandhit Bage
  Secretary         - Mrs. Bahamani 
 Sec. Gereral       - Mr. Kishor Horo
                              - Mr. Sugrah Samuel 
                              - Mr. Jhon Tiru 
                              - Mr.  Sukhram Herenz
 संगठन सचिव       - श्री . विनय केरकेट्टा 
                              - श्री . पौलुस बारला
                              - श्री . अशरफ शाह
    केंद्रीय सदस्य :     - श्री अजय सिंह 
                             - श्री जॉन उराँव 
                             - श्री सुसारण टोपनो 
                             - श्री पावल बागे 
                             - श्री उदय प्रताप सिंह 
                             - श्री शांति नंदन तिर्की 
                             - श्री सुफल टोपनो

केंद्रीय महिला अध्यक्ष - श्रीमती सुगंधित बागे

 महिला सचिव     - श्रीमती अपलोनिया टोपनो

उड़िसा राज्य प्रभारी - श्री गजेंद्र बारला

प. बंगाल राज्य प्रभारी - श्री गोमास्ता प्रसाद सोरेन

छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य प्रभारी - श्री उमेश उराँव

झारखंड पार्टी केंद्रीय समिति , मेन रोड रांची - 834001.


In 1963 JKP merged with Indian National Congress.[1]

The merger was quite unpopular amongst the party ranks, and a variety of splinter groups, were formed, many of the claiming the name of JKP.Jharkhand Gomke N.E Horo become president of the jharkhand party.


On January 8, 2009, JKP candidate Raja Peter defeated sitting Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Shibu Soren by over 9,000 votes.[7] In presidency of Anosh Ekka


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