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An onion Jemput-jemput.
Alternative names Cekodok, or Cucur
Type Snack
Course Snack
Place of origin Maritime Southeast Asia
Region or state Southeast Asia
Associated national cuisine Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei
Created by Malay
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Flour (Alternative ingredients for flavours: banana, anchovies, prawns, onion or maize)
  • Cookbook: Jemput-jemput
  •   Media: Jemput-jemput

Jemput-jemput (also called cekodok, cokodok or cucur) is a traditional Malays fritter snack from Southeast Asia, notably popular in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore that is made from flour and then fried.[1] It is usually round in shape and tends to vary in size. There are many varieties of this snack, some using banana,[2] anchovies or prawns, onion or maize.


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