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The Janse van Rensburg Trek massacre
Part of the Great Trek
Location Djinjispruit, near modern day Inhambane, Mozambique
Date July 1836
Deaths 49
Perpetrators impi's of Manukosi
A map charting the routes of the largest trekking parties during the first wave of the Great Trek (1835-1840) along with key battles and events.
  Louis Tregardt's route (1833 to 1838)
  Survivors of Tregardt's trek evacuated by sea, 1839
  Van Rensburg's route, after it separated from Tregardt's

Johannes Jacobus (Lang Hans) Janse van Rensburg (12 August 1779 – July 1836) was a leader of one of the early Voortrekker groups. His entire group of 51 people was massacred by an 'impi' of Manukosi near Inhambane. Only his two children were spared, as a result of an intervention by another Zulu warrior.[1] Included in the party was Nicholaas Balthasar Prinsloo, who was a Slagtersnek rebel, his wife, Petronella Maria Krugel/Kruger and their family.[2][3]


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