Itak Gurgur

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Itak Gurgur is Batak traditional food, that is generally used in a particular Batak custom event.[1]

Itak Gurgur molded to the shape of a fist.

Itak gurgur made with the same material with Lampet, which is rice that has been traditionally refined later called Itak. The resulting taste is almost the same as lapet, the sweet and savory.

But how to make different gurgur itak creating Lampet. Itak gurgur made a very simple way, by knead itak, which has shredded young coconut, sugar, and a little hot water. Once blended until smooth, then the dough is molded by hand alone. Already, just like that. Itak Gurgur was ready to serve.

The Gurgur word is here can be interpreted as "burning". Giving itak gurgur always expect the eater so has the spirit of a burning-ember. To be truly smoldering, itak gurgur be steamed when formed.


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