Istiglal Order

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Istiglal Order
Istiqlal ordeni
İstiqlal ordeni.png
Istiglal Order medal
Awarded by President of Azerbaijan
Type Individual Award
Eligibility Citizens of Azerbaijan and non-citizens who made special contributions
Awarded for exceptional contributions to national independence movement of Azerbaijan, distinguished services to republic and people of Azerbaijan, special contributions in statehood building of the country
Status Active
Description two layers of eight-pointed stars with an engraved image of a bird with stretching wings
Clasps 1
Established December 6, 1993 (Decree No. 754), revised on February 6, 1998
Next (higher) Heydar Aliyev Order
Next (lower) Shah Ismail Order
İstiqlal ordeni-lent.png
Ribbon of the order

Istiglal Order (Azerbaijani: Istiqlal ordeni), is the highest supreme order of the Republic of Azerbaijan, along with Heydar Aliyev Order. presented by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Istiglal means Sovereignty in Azerbaijani.

History and status

Istiglal Order was among several medals and orders, requested to be reviewed and created by the President Abulfaz Elchibey on November 10, 1992 by a Presidential Decree No. 370.[1] The order was created by the Decree No. 754 of the President of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev and ratified by National Assembly of Azerbaijan on December 6, 1993. The Istiglal Order is given to the Citizens of Azerbaijan for the following services:

The order is pinned to the left side of the chest. If there are any other orders or medals, they are to follow Istiglal Order.[2]


Istiglal order is made of two silver layers of eight pointed stars placed on each other in proportion to symmetrical axis. The top one is colored with blue color and has an image of a bird with stretched wings. Between the wings, an eight pointed star with a word İstiqlal (Sovereignty) on top of it is engraved. The bird, star and "Istiglal" words engravements are in pure gold. The rear side of the order is polished and has an engraved order number. The composition is attached to a blue colored watered silk ribbon bar with five edges. The order comes in size 27 mm (1.1 in) by 47.5 mm (1.87 in), the ribbon bar - 27 mm (1.1 in) by 9 mm (0.35 in).[2][3]



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