Islamic Republic of Iran Navy Aviation

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Islamic Republic of Iran Navy Aviation
Country  Iran
Branch Islamic Republic of Iran Navy
Type Naval aviation
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The Islamic Republic of Iran Navy Aviation (IRINA) (Persian: هواپیمایی نیروی دریایی آجا‎) or Havadarya (هوادریا) is the air component of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy. It is one of the few air elements in any Persian Gulf navy, and has both fixed-wing aircraft and armed helicopters.


American aircraft types were introduced to the inventory, in the 1960s and 1970s: with European made aircraft comprising the more modern part of the fleet. Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters seem to be focused more on a transport role than actual ASW.

Aircraft Type Variants In service[1] Notes Image
Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion Airborne Mine CounterMeasures (AMCM)/heavy-lift transport helicopter RH-53D 3(?) Supplemented by United States Navy examples that were abandoned by US forces during Operation Eagle Claw and used as spare parts source. It is believed that Iran got additional spare parts in black market in 2006-8 and up to six original plus one Eagle Claw RH-53Ds may be operational Iranian Navy RH-53D Sea Stallion with registration 9-2701 (I).jpg
Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King Anti-submarine warfare/anti-surface warfare/medium-lift utility helicopter ASH-3D 10 Built by Agusta, in Italy. Armed with locally produced anti-shipping missiles. Operational helicopters overhauled locally. Iranian Velayat-90 Naval Exercise by IRIN (4).jpg
Mil Mi-17 Anti-surface warfare/medium-lift transport helicopter Mi-171 (Mi-8AMTSh) 'Hip'
Bell UH-1N Twin Huey Anti-submarine warfare/anti-surface warfare/light transport helicopter AB 212ASW 14 Built by Agusta, in Italy. Operational number unknown. Iran is producing spare parts locally for its Bell helicopters, used by all Armed Forces branches. Velayat 94 Military exercise 22 by Mbazri.jpg
Fokker F27 Friendship Transport aircraft F27-400M 4

A Fokker 27 of Navy of Iran.jpg

Dassault Falcon 20 Transport aircraft/VIP transport Mystère/Falcon 20E 4
Do-228 Transport aircraft Do-228 5 According to Global Security the IRIN operates 5 of these. Built in Germany.
Shrike Commander 690 Transport aircraft Shrike Commander 690 4 According to Global Security the IRIN operates 4 of these. Built in the United States. A Rockwell 690 Turbo Commander of Navy of Iran.jpg


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