Iraqi parliamentary election, 1996

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Iraqi parliamentary election, 1996

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All 250 seats to the National Assembly of Iraq
126 seats were needed for a majority

  First party
  Iraq, Saddam Hussein (222).jpg
Leader Saddam Hussein
Party Ba'ath Party
Last election 207
Seats won 161
Seat change Decrease46

Prime Minister before election

Saddam Hussein
Ba'ath Party

Elected Prime Minister

Saddam Hussein
Ba'ath Party

Parliamentary elections were held in Iraq on 24 March 1996.[1] The election was contested by 689 candidates,[2] although 30 MPs were appointed to represent Iraqi Kurdistan.[3] The result was a victory for the Ba'ath Party, which won 161 of the 250 seats. Voter turnout was reported to be 93.5%.[2]

All candidates "had been approved beforehand by a committee chaired by the Justice Minister".[2]

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Party Votes % Seats +/–
Ba'ath Party 161 –46
Independents and bloc parties 83 +40
Kurdistan Democratic Party 3 New
Kurdistan Revolutionary Party 2 New
Communist Party of Iraq 1 New
Invalid/blank votes
Total 7,480,000 250 0
Source: IPU


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