International Residential College

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International Residential College
Motto Live the Difference
Type Residential college
Established 2001
Principal Eric Loth
Undergraduates 317
Location Charlottesville, Va., US
Campus Four student residential buildings, plus one faculty residential building.
Nickname The Bears
Affiliations University of Virginia

The International Residential College (also known as the IRC) was established in 2001, and is the newest residential college at the University of Virginia. It compromises Mary Munford, Roberta Gwathmey, Yen, and Hoxton dorms (also sometimes referred to as 'Houses'), all of which existed before the IRC was established.[1] The IRC houses 317 students of all years at UVa, with international students making up 40% of the students living at the IRC, representing 40 countries.[2]


The International Residential College was created to explore global and cross-cultural issues on Grounds. Applications to the IRC were first available in January 2001 and the IRC opened its doors in the Fall of 2001.[3] The Founder and First Principal of the IRC was Prof. Brad Brown who, for 12 years, led and developed the IRC into a strong community of successful students with a unique global perspective.[3]


The International Residential College is a residential and academic community for undergraduate students, both domestic and foreign. The IRC programs promote cultural diversity, study abroad opportunities, student governance, community outreach, academic excellence, as well as intellectual discourse between students, and with faculty.[3] The IRC emphasizes the importance of global diversity and academic development at the University; this mission of international togetherness is evident in the many dorm-wide events, which range from field trips to Monticello to monthly dinners at Alumni Hall.[1]


International Residential College residents can be of any year at the University (as opposed to many other residence halls, where restrictions are placed based on the year of the student). All students, whether they are returning upperclassmen, incoming First Years, transfer students, or exchange students, must apply to be able to live in the IRC.[4] Applications consist of a few short essays to gauge the applicant's interest in living in a multicultural community, as well as their potential contributions to the vibrant international community on display there.[1] All applications are reviewed and ranked by the IRC Council.[4]


Munford and Gwathmey Houses

Mary Munford and Roberta Gwathmey are two interconnected buildings located on Emmet Street, near the Memorial Gym.[5] Rooms in these buildings are either double or single-occupancy, open onto a common hallway, and share a large bathroom.[5] A number of kitchens and furnished lounges provide space for residents to come together for formal programs or informal socializing.[5] Other facilities within the buildings include a computer lab, TV rooms, laundry rooms, and a game room.[5]

  • Munford House - Except for six men who live in a small corridor on the first floor, all the residents of Munford House are women, including all of the first-year women.[6] About 100 people live in Munford, which is not air-conditioned.[6] Each floor is equipped with a large kitchen, and each kitchen has an oven, microwave, refrigerator and sink.[6] The Munford Gathering Place (MGP) hosts several daily and weekly events such as Mug Mornings and Darjeeling Tea.[6]
  • Gwathmey House - Gwathmey is the largest residence (because so much of Munford is used as communal space), holding about 120 students.[6] The first and third floors are all men, including all first-year men, and the second floor is for women.[6] Each floor is equipped with a large kitchen, and each kitchen has an oven, microwave, refrigerator and sink. The first floor lounge includes a large TV, DVD, and 2 Sofas.[6] Gwathmey is not air-conditioned.[6]

Yen and Hoxton Houses

Yen and Hoxton are located next to Alumni Hall on Sprigg Lane.[5] Double and single-occupancy rooms are available.[5] Most rooms have a shared bath, though there are some private bathroom in both Houses.[5] The rooms are air-conditioned, and both Houses include a full kitchen on each floor.[5] A study lounge, vending machines, and laundry facilities are provided within the complex.[5]

  • Yen House - Yen holds about 60 upper-class students and is air-conditioned.[6] Yen is designed in a suite-style.[6] Full kitchens are on each floor.[6] Yen House was formerly named Lewis House; in 2017 the name was changed to Yen House to honor the first Chinese student to earn a degree from UVA.[7]
  • Hoxton House - Hoxton holds approximately 40 upper-class students and is air conditioned.[6] Hoxton is designed in a suite style.[6] Full kitchens are on each floor.[6]

Morea House

Morea House is located behind Hoxton house. It includes Morea Arboretum at the west end of its grounds. The House is divided into two sections, Big Morea and Little Morea.

  • Big Morea is where The Principal of the IRC and their family resides.
  • Little Morea is where The Director of Studies and their family resides.


Meal plans are mandatory for first-years but optional for upperclassmen.[8] These meal plans can be used at nearby UVA cafes and dining halls.[8] Regardless of whether a student has a meal plan, there are weekly food events provided by IRC administration and student council open to all IRC residents, in order to foster the community spirit through conversation over food, and a space to meet new people.[8] Some of these events include, but are not limited to, the following:

Mug Mornings

Every Monday morning muffins and coffee are provided, and every Friday morning bagels, coffee, and tea are available in the Munford Gathering Place[8]

Petit Dejeuner

A weekly French style continental breakfast every Wednesday, offering coffee, tea, juice, fresh bread, croissants, and more in the Munford Gathering Place[8]

Darjeeling Tea

A weekly tea and snack service offered every Thursday afternoon in the Munford Gathering Place[8]

Food Truck Friday

A weekly event featuring a food truck offering different foods on Friday nights, on the Munford Patio[8]

Morea Evenings

On the first Thursday of each month, the Principal of the IRC and his wife open their home to IRC residents, offering drinks and desserts at Morea House[8]

The IRC Council also sponsors additional informal and relaxed events throughout the year, including a formal Valentine's Day Dinner in the Dome Room of the Rotunda. Additionally, the Council sponsors informal and relaxed events such as BBQs, ice cream socials, s'mores, tea times, and tailgates.[8]


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