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The International Entente Against the Third International (French: Entente internationale contre la III:e internationale, after 1938 the International Anticommunist Entente, French: Entente Internationale Anticommuniste EIA) was an international anti-communist organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The organisation was founded by the Swiss advocate Théodore Aubert and Russian émigré Red Cross leader Georges Lodygensky as a response to the Communist International in 1924.[1] Its objectives were to defend the "principles of order, family, property and nationality".[1]

The entente had national chapters in over 20 countries, with the aim of influencing political and journalistic circles.[2] The British chapter was the Central Council of the Economic Leagues.[1] In Finland, the national chapter Suomen Suojelusliitto was founded by the prominent statesman Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim a year earlier in 1923 to do anti-communist education.[3] According to some accounts, Francisco Franco's anti-communism was initially sparked by reading the entente's publications and he also met Aubert.[1] Other notable symphatizers included Philippe Pétain and Franz von Papen.[1]

EIA published Revue Anticommuniste.[4] EIA opened an information centre in August 1937.[4]

After World War II, EIA's membership numbers greatly decreased and its leaders considered the United States to be a better center for leading anti-communist activities than Europe.[1] The organisation ceased operation in 1950.[5]


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