International Democrat Union

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International Democrat Union
Countries with an IDU party member in Government.png
Countries with a party member of International Democrat Union in government as of February 2017
Abbreviation IDU
Formation 1983
Purpose World federation of centre-right to right wing political parties
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Region served
Official language
Sir John Key

The International Democrat Union (IDU) is an international alliance of centre-right and moderate right-wing political parties. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway,[1] the IDU comprises 71 full and associate members from 63 different countries.[2] It is chaired by Sir John Key, former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

The IDU provides a forum in which political parties holding similar beliefs can come together and exchange views on matters of policy and organisational interest. From this, they act cooperatively, establish contacts, and present a unified voice toward the promotion of centre-right policies around the globe. The IDU has some overlap of member parties with the Centrist Democrat International (CDI), but the CDI is more centrist and communitarian than the IDU.[3]

The group was founded in 1983 as the umbrella organisation for the European Democrat Union (EDU), Caribbean Democrat Union (CDU), and the Asia Pacific Democrat Union (APDU). Created at the instigation of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and US Vice President George H. W. Bush, the organisation was founded at a joint meeting of the EDU and APDU in London, the United Kingdom.[4]

The IDU has several regional affiliates: the Democrat Union of Africa, the Union of Latin American Parties, the Asia Pacific Democrat Union, the Caribbean Democrat Union, and the European People's Party, the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists[5] and the (dormant since 2002) European Democrat Union in Europe. It also has an affiliated youth wing the International Young Democrat Union led by Australian Simon Breheny[6] and an affiliated women's wing in the International Women's Democrat Union.

Member parties

Full members

Country Party Abbr Status
 Albania Democratic Party of Albania PD in opposition
 Australia Liberal Party of Australia Lib leader of government coalition
 Austria Austrian People's Party ÖVP junior party in government
 Argentina Republican Proposal PRO leader of government coalition
 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan National Independence Party AMIP in opposition
 Bolivia Social Democrat Movement Demócratas in opposition
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Party of Democratic Action SDA leader of government coalition
Party of Democratic Progress PDP in government
 Brazil Democrats DEM in government
 Bulgaria GERB in government
Union of Democratic Forces SDS in government
 Canada Conservative Party of Canada CPC/PCC in opposition
 Chile Independent Democratic Union UDI in opposition
National Renewal RN in opposition
Taiwan China, Republic of Kuomintang KMT in opposition
 Colombia Colombian Conservative Party PCC junior party in government
Democratic Center CD in opposition
 Croatia Croatian Democratic Union HDZ leader of government coalition
 Cyprus Democratic Rally DISY in government
 Czech Republic Civic Democratic Party ODS in opposition
 Denmark Conservative People's Party K junior party in government
 Dominica Dominica Freedom Party DFP extraparliamentary opposition
 Dominican Republic National Progressive Force FNP in opposition
 Ecuador Social Christian Party PSC in opposition
 El Salvador Nationalist Republican Alliance ARENA in opposition
 Estonia Pro Patria and Res Publica Union IRL junior party in government
 European Union European People's Party EPP leader of government coalition
Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe AECR In opposition
 Finland National Coalition Party Kok junior party in government coalition
 France The Republicans LR in opposition
 Georgia United National Movement UNM in opposition
Christian-Democratic Movement KDM in opposition
 Germany Christian Democratic Union CDU leader of government coalition
Christian Social Union of Bavaria CSU leader of government in Bavaria, junior party in federal government coalition
 Ghana New Patriotic Party NPP in government
 Greece New Democracy ND in opposition
 Grenada New National Party NNP in government
 Guatemala Unionist Party PU in opposition
 Honduras National Party of Honduras PNH in government
 Hungary Fidesz in government
 Iceland Independence Party XD in government
 India Bharatiya Janata Party BJP in government
 Jamaica Jamaica Labour Party JLP in government
 South Korea Liberty Korea Party LKP in opposition
 Lebanon Lebanese Forces LF in government
 Lithuania Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats TS-LKD in opposition
 Macedonia Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity VMRO–DPMNE in opposition
 Mexico National Action Party PAN in opposition
 Maldives Maldivian Democratic Party MDP in opposition
 Moldova Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova PLDM leader of government coalition
 Mongolia Democratic Party in opposition
 Montenegro Movement for Changes PzP in opposition
 Morocco Istiqlal Party in opposition
 New Zealand National Party Nat in opposition
 Nicaragua Conservative Party PCN in opposition
 Norway Conservative Party H leader of government coalition
 Panama Democratic Change CD in opposition
 Peru Christian People's Party PPC in opposition
 Portugal CDS – People's Party CDS–PP in opposition
 Serbia Democratic Party of Serbia DSS in opposition
 Slovenia Slovenian Democratic Party SDS in opposition
 Spain People's Party PP in government
 Sri Lanka United National Party UNP in government
 Sweden Moderate Party M in opposition
 Uganda Forum for Democratic Change FDC in opposition
 United Kingdom Conservative and Unionist Party Con in minority government
 United States Republican Party R/GOP Majority in lower and upper houses of Congress; current president
 Venezuela Project Venezuela PV in opposition

Associate members

Country Party Abbr Government
 Belarus Partyja BPF PBNF extraparliamentary opposition
United Civic Party of Belarus OGP in opposition
 Cuba Cuban Democratic Directorate DDC in exile (United States)
 Georgia New Rights NRP in opposition
 Kenya Democratic Party DP in opposition
 Paraguay National Republican Association – Colorado Party ANR-PC in government
 Tanzania Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo CHADEMA in opposition
 Ukraine All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland" VOB in opposition

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