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Inter-Korean summits
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Inter-Korean summits are meetings between the leaders of North and South Korea. To date, there have been five such meetings so far (2000, 2007, April 2018, May 2018, and September 2018). The importance of these summits lies in the lack of formal communication between North and South Korea, which makes discussing political and economic issues difficult. The summits' agendas have included topics such as the ending of the 1950-53 war (currently there is an armistice in force), the massive deployment of troops at the DMZ (approximately two million in total),[1] the development of nuclear weapons by North Korea, and human rights issues.[2][3][4]

Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in shaking hands
Review of the South Korean military traditional honor guard
Talks inside the Peace House

2000 summit

In 2000, the representatives of the two governments met for the first time since the division of the Korean peninsula. Kim Dae-jung, the President of South Korea, who arrived at Pyongyang Sunan International Airport, met Kim Jong-il, Supreme Leader of North Korea, directly under the trap of the airport, and the rallies and divisions of the People's Army Corps were held. [2]

2007 summit

In June 2007, a summit declaration was adopted, which included the realization of the June 15 Joint Declaration, the promotion of a three-party or four-party summit meeting to resolve the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula, and active promotion of inter-Korean economic cooperation projects. [5] [6]

April 2018 summit

A summit was held on 27 April 2018 in South Korea's portion of the Joint Security Area. It was the third summit between South and North Korea, agreed by South Korea's President, Moon Jae-in, and North Korea's Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un.[7]

May 2018 summit

On 26 May 2018, Kim and Moon met again in the Joint Security Area.[9] The meeting took two hours, and unlike other summits it had not been publicly announced beforehand.[10]

September 2018 summit

On 13 August, Blue House announced that South Korea's President attended the third inter-Korean summit with leader Kim Jong-un at Pyongyang on 18-20 September as expected. The agenda would be finding the strategy of the breakthrough in its hampered talks with U.S and solution for the denuclearization on the Korean peninsula.[11][12][13]

2019 summit

The 2019 inter-Korean summit is an upcoming inter-Korean summit that will be held on the capital of South Korea, Seoul.

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