Inba (film)

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Directed by S.T.Vendan
Written by Subha
Story by Vendhan
Starring Shaam
Adithya Menon
Arun Pandiyan
Aravind Akash
Ganja Karuppu
Music by P. B. Balaji
Release date
  • 21 March 2008 (2008-03-21)
Country India
Language Tamil

Inba is a 2008 Tamil drama film starring Shaam and Sneha, released in 2008.This film was a success due to Sneha's highly glamorous role where she had to expose a lot of skin.



Inba (Shaam) is a rough character who works under Priya's brother (Arun Pandiyan) as a bodyguard of Priya (Sneha).

Priya is a usurious girl, spending most of the time with her friends and absenting herself from the college several times. Hence Arun Pandiyan employa Inba, his faithful servant to guard Priya's activities. Priya insults him several times since she was not interested in somebody guarding her all the time. However, at one point in the story, Priya is saved by Inba from a gang that is to murder her. The incident develops love in Priya's heart. Priya exposes her love to Inba where Inba refuses it. In the meantime, Arun Pandiyan comes to know about the love affair and opposes it by beating up Inba.

Priya chases Inba to prove her true love for him. Finally, Inba reveals the true reason for not accepting her love opening up a flashback. The flash back opens with Inba's school days. Inba has been a genius boy scoring top marks in his lessons. Jyothi (Poornitha) who is jealous upon him plays with him in the name of love and cheats him. This makes Inba lose concentration in his studies and Jyothi then dies. Inba is then sent for jail for the murder which he was at no fault. Returning he finds his mother and sister helpless and does some work to earn them food and then joins Arun Pandian's Group. He concludes that he is not interested in falling into the hands of a rich girl's false love and leave his family unguarded again.

Priya makes him understand his love and finally succeeds in his love after crossing all the hurdles and obstacles laid by Arun Pandiyan.


This movie got negative reviews. This movie was heavily criticised for its story and its characters.Sneha's character in this movie was highly glamorous and she was also criticised for shedding a lot of skin in this movie.[1][2]


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