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Ilol is a town and former princely state in Gujarat, western India..


Ilol was a Fourth Class princely state and taluka, comprising four more villages, covering nineteen square miles in Mahi Kantha, ruled by Hindu Makwanaof Jhala dynasty of Thakor title.[1][2][3][4][5]

It had a combined population of 3,806 in 1901, yielding a state revenue of 20,982 Rupees (three quarters from land), paying tributes of 1,863 Rupees to the Gaikwar Baroda State, 428 Rupees to Idar State and 17 Rupees to Ahmadnagar State.

On 10 July 1943, Ilol ceased to exist, being among the princely states merging under the 'Attachment Scheme' into the Gaekwar Baroda State, following its fate into independent India's Bombay State and after its split into Gujarat.

List of rulers

  • Baghsinhji
  • Sablasinhji Baghsinhji
  • Pratapsinhji Sablasinhji
  • Jiwasinhji Pratapsinhji
  • Amarsinhji Jiwasinhji
  • Kubersinhji Amarsinhji
  • Takhatsinhji Kubersinhji
  • Dolatsinhji Takhatsinhji
  • Naharsinhji Dolatsinhji
  • Dipsinhji Naharsinhji
    • REGENCY 1866/1882
  • Vakhatsinhji (b. 1864) (r. 16 April 1866 – 1898), educated at Rajkumar College, Rajkot
  • Harisinhji Vakhatsinhji (r. 1898-1898)
  • Dansinhji Harisinhji (r. 1898-1899)
  • Motisinhji Dansinhji (r. 1899-1899)
  • Mansinhji Motisinhji (r. 1899-1902)
    • REGENCY 1902/1916
  • Vajesinhji Mansinhji (b. 1895) (r. 29 October 1902-1927), adoptive son.
    • REGENCY 1927/1935
  • Shivsinhji Vajesinhji (b. 31 December 1910) (r. 18 October 1927- 13 March 1965), installed in 1935, educated in England.[citation needed]

Thakur MAHENDRA sinh ji zala

External links and sources

  • Imperial Gazetteer on DSAL - Mahi Kantha


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