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This is a list of people who held the "North American Heavyweight Title" under the banner of International Wrestling (IW) from 1969 to 1984. The promotion was owned by the Eastern Sports Association from 1969 until 1976. The IW promotion ends with end of 1984 season, and the title was discontinued.

North American Heavyweight Title

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
The Beast (Ivan Cormier) 1 July 8, 1969
Archie “The Stomper” Gouldie 1 August 26, 1969
Bobo Brazil 1 October 7, 1969
Bobby Red Cloud 1 May 19, 1970
Archie “The Stomper” Gouldie 2 June 2, 1970
The Beast 2 August 4, 1970
Eric Pomeroy 1 May 11, 1971
Leo Burke (Cormier) 1 June 22, 1971
Gino Brito 1 September 22, 1971 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Leo Burke 2 September 27, 1971 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Killer Karl Krupp 1 June 10, 1972
Eric Pomeroy 2 July, 1972
Killer Karl Krupp 2 July 25, 1972 Halifax, Nova Scotia
The Beast 3 September 12, 1972 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jim Dillon 1 May, 1973
Killer Karl Krupp 3 August, 1973
Archie “The Stomper” Gouldie 3 September, 1973 In October, the Stomper returned to Stampede Wrestling, and in December won their North American title from Omar Atlas. On February 22, 1974, in Calgary, the Stomper lost the (Stampede) North American Title to Harley Race. ESA may have used this title change to explain Harley Race entering the Maritimes at the start of the 1974 season in possession of the North American belt - omitting that the Stomper had won back the Stampede version in March.
Harley Race 1 May 7, 1974
Leo Burke 3 May, 1974
Great Kuma (Motoshi Okuma) 1 May, 1974
The Beast 4 June, 1974
Great Kuma 2 June, 1974
Eric Pomeroy 3 July, 1974
Bolo Mongol 1 August, 1974
Archie “The Stomper” Gouldie 4 September, 1974
Bolo Mongol 2 September, 1974
Leo Burke 4 May 6, 1975 Was supposedly won in Detroit.
Bob Brown 1 July 29, 1975
Leo Burke 5 October 21, 1975 Substituting for Pat O’Connor.
Bob Brown 5 1975 Returned to Brown upon appeal.
Rudy Kay (Cormier) 1 November, 1975
Vacated The season ended without notice, leaving Rudy Kay unable to defend within 30 days.
Tommy Gilbert 1 April 24, 1976 USA Won a tournament to be crowned champion.
The Brute 1 May, 1976
Tommy Gilbert 2 May 27, 1976 Saint John, New Brunswick
The Brute 2 June, 1976
Leo Burke 5 September, 1976
Michel Dubois 1 1976
Moved to Trans-Canada Wrestling in 1977.
Steve Bolus 1 June 9, 1977 Arrived as champion
Frenchy Martin 1 June, 1977
Leo Burke 6 July 14, 1977
TCW folds in July, 1977. Title discontinued.

There was not a North American Title in the Maritimes again until 1984, when there were two of them.

  1. 84/04 Archie “The Stomper” Gouldie arrived at rival Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling as North American Champion. This was a newly created title for AGPW.
  2. 84/06 Leo Burke arrives at International Wrestling as North American Champion, this title had a history with Toronto’s Maple Leaf Wrestling, starting in 1982, when Leo Burke arrived there as Champion, with the old ESA/North American belt.
Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Leo Burke 1 October, 1982
Johnny Weaver 1 April 10, 1983 Toronto, Ontario
Leo Burke 2 May 29, 1983 Toronto, Ontario
June, 1984 Maple Leaf Wrestling is sold to WWF. Leo Burke returns to Maritimes (Zinck) as North American champion.
Archie “The Stomper” Gouldie August, 1984 The Stomper jumped to International Wrestling, won title unification match over Leo Burke.


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