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Hyperseal is the brand name for a series of specialized paints developed by noted inventor Col. Ronald Savin. The paints are divided into three categories: glass-infused paints, Hyperglass, zinc-infused paints, Hyperzinc, and rubber infused paints, Hyperflex. The paints were developed to significantly cool surfaces in the desert, seal out water and galvanize rust.

Part of a wave of environmentally friendly, “green products,” the paints are intended to significantly decrease energy expenditure, prevent toxic run-off from asphalt driveways, and ensure that water born vessels, marinas and bridges need only be repainted every 20 years to prevent rust; instead of once a year.

Hyperglass is the first paint formulated with hollow glass “microspheres” suspended in a specialized white Teflon paint. The paint has the remarkable ability to keep a surface in direct sunlight only 10 – 12 °F above ambient air temperature. The paint is used to coat roofs, patios and boat decks. Before this, a typical asphalt roof would be 50 – 75 °F higher than the ambient air. In Southern California, homes with Hyperglass painted roofs, have seen a reduction of 50% of their air conditioning bills, thus significantly reducing their carbon footprint. Hyperseal has also developed a multipurpose caulk, called Hyperflex Caulk.

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