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Palau has a bicameral legislature, the Palau National Congress (Olbiil era Kelulau), consisting of the House of Delegates and the Senate of Palau. The House of Delegates has 16 members, each serving four-year terms in single-seat constituencies. No political parties exist. The last election was held on 1 November 2016.[1]

Speaker of Palau Legislature

Name Inaugurated Left Office
Itelbang Luii 1967 October 1975
Sadang Silmai[2] October 1975 December 1979
Tosiwo Nakamura[3] December 1979 November 1980

Speaker of the House of Delegates[4]

Name Inaugurated Left Office
Carlos Salii[5] November 1980 July 1985
Santos Olikong[6] July 1985 November 1988
Shiro Kyota November 1988 January 1993
Surangel S. Whipps January 1993 November 1996
Ignacio Anastacio November 1996 November 2000
Mario S. Gulibert November 2000 April 2004
Antonio Bells April 2004 November 2004
Augustine Mesebeluu November 2004 April 2007
Antonio Bells April 2007 November 2008
Noah Idechong January 2009 January 2013
Sabino Anastacio January 2013 Incumbent


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