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Developer Microsoft Research
Working state Current
Official website research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/homeos/

HomeOS is the working title of a home automation operating system under development by Microsoft Research.[1][2] Microsoft Research announced the project in 2010.

HomeOS communicates with Lab of Things, a cloud-based Internet of Things infrastructure also developed by Microsoft.[3][4][5]

The motto for the HomeOS project is "Enabling smarter homes for everyone."[6]

The HomeOS development team has written three sample applications that make use of multiple devices, including a "sticky media" app that plays music in parts of the house that are lit up, but not other rooms; a two-factor authentication app that uses audio from smartphones and images from a front-door camera to turn on lights when a user is identified; and a home browser for viewing and controling a user's access to all devices in a home. [7]

Development of the project has entered an apparent stasis because the website is still available to view but hasn't been updated since 2012. The homepage contains demo videos but shows no progress in six years despite maintaining the official website. The focus of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on enterprise applications, the cloud and productivity applications has been cited as the reason for the stalled development of HomeOS.[8]

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