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A Holy Week procession is a public ritual march of clergy and penitents which takes place during Holy Week in countries which have a Catholic culture. Various images of the saints, especially the Virgin Mary, and most importantly the image of the crucified Christ are carried aloft by foot as a penance; acts of mortification are carried out; traditional hymns and chants are sung (except during the silent processions of Good Friday). In many penitential orders, the faces of the penitents are covered by elaborate hoods, such as the capirote, as a way of hiding one's identity in order to not ostentatiously draw attention to oneself while performing penance. Crosses, and biers holding Catholic holy images surrounded with flowers and offerings of candles, are carried usually from one parish church to another led by the clergy, monastic orders, or heads of the penitential orders.

'The Chained Man' procession in Sartène (Corsica)
Palm Sunday procession in Astorga (Spain)
Holy Week procession in Taranto (Italy)
Paso of Holy Week in Salamanca.
Procession, Antigua, Guatemala

Places famous for their Holy Week processions include:

Procession of Our Lord of the Miracle in Salta city. Christianity is the largest religion in Argentina.

See also Holy Week processions in Guatemala

Renowned sculptors of Holy Week pasos include:

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