History of the Cham–Vietnamese wars

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The Cham-Vietnamese Wars refer to a series of wars and conflicts between various dynasties of Vietnam and of Champa that led to a total annexation of Champa by the Vietnamese. These wars were part of Vietnam's Nam tiến (March to the South).

List of conflicts

Name Result
1 Cham-Vietnamese War (982) Vietnamese victory[1]
2 Cham-Vietnamese War (1044) Vietnamese victory[1][2]
3 Cham-Vietnamese War (1069) Vietnamese victory[3]
4 Cham-Vietnamese War (1075-1104)
5 Cham-Vietnamese War (1367-1396) Vietnamese victory
6 Cham-Vietnamese War (1400-1407)[4] Cham victory
7 Cham-Vietnamese War (1446)
8 Cham-Vietnamese War (1471) Vietnamese victory
9 Cham-Vietnamese War (1611)[5]
10 Cham-Vietnamese War (1653)
11 Cham-Vietnamese War (1693)
12 Cham rebellion (An anti-Vietnamese rebellion by the Cham occurred in 1728 after the passing away of their ruler Po Saktiraydaputih)[6] Vietnamese victory
13 Cham-Vietnamese War (1832-1834) (Katip Suma's Jihad against Vietnam)[7] Vietnamese victory
14 Cham-Vietnamese War (1834-1835) (jathak wa uprising) Vietnamese victory



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