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Product type Ice cream
Owner Unilever
Country The Netherlands
Introduced 1976; 42 years ago (1976)
Markets The Netherlands
Website hertogijs.nl

Hertog is a Dutch ice cream brand, owned by the Anglo-Dutch Unilever conglomerate. It was first introduced by Willem den Hertog in the summer of 1976 in the Netherlands. In 1996, Unilever bought the brand, and continued selling it.[1]


Current varieties

Hertog sells three kind of products in various flavors:[2]

  • Klassiekers (Classics) - Ice cream in the flavors Romig Slagroomijs (Creamy Whipped Ice Cream), Slagroomijs Light (Diet Whipped Ice Cream), Romige Stracciatella (Creamy Stracciatella), Romige Karamel (Creamy Caramel), and Romige Vanille (Creamy Vanilla).
  • IJsspecialiteiten (Ice Cream specialties) - Ice cream in the flavors 3 Chocolades (3 Chocolates), Koffie-Royaal (Royal Coffee), Stroopwafelfeest (Syrup Waffle Feast), Advocaat Royaal (Royal Advocaat), Aardbeien Merinque (Strawberry Meringue), Bananen Split (Banana Split), Walnoot (Walnut), and Crème Brûlée (Crème Brûlée).
  • Kleintjes (Little ones) - Ice cream in the flavors Choco Momentje (Little Choco Moment), Karamel Traktatie (Caramel Treat), Kersen Kadootje (Little Cherry Present), Tiramisu Toetje (Little Tiramisu Dessert), Aardbeien Avontuurtje (Little Strawberry Adventure), Koffie Kwartiertje (Short Coffee Quarter), Hazelnoot Hapje (Little Hazelnut Bite), Sorbetpretje Citroen (Little Sorbet Chuckle Lemon), Sorbetpretje Framboos (Little Sorbet Chuckle Raspberry), Sorbetpretje Passievrucht (Little Sorbet Chuckle Passion fruit), and Romig Roomijsje (Little Creamy Ice Cream).

Former varieties

In the past, other varieties were sold.


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