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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Mongolian pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

See Mongolian language for a more thorough look at the sounds of Mongolian, as well as dialectal variations not represented here. The dialect used in this chart is Khalkha Mongolian.

IPA Cyrillic English approximation
f ф[1] five
g г[2] got
ɢ similar to got (but deeper in the throat)
j й yellow
ʲ ь[1] Russian пять
к[1] cot
ɮ л No English equivalent
m м mother
n н north
ŋ link, sing
p б ben
п[1] pen
r р Scottish roll; Spanish rosa
s с seven
ʃ ш shirt
ʃt͡ʃ щ[1] fresh cheese
t д den
т ten
t͡s з, ц cats
t͡ʃ ж jet
t͡ʃʰ ч check
w в win
x х Scottish loch; German Bach
IPA Cyrillic English approximation
a a art
e е, э Scottish late
Scottish day
i и, ы, ъ, э leaf
ɔ о RP/Australian hot
ɔː RP/Australian nod
ɵ ө similar to nurse
RP/Australian thought
u ү boot
ʊ у look
ʊː good
ai ай price
ɔi ой choice
ui үй to eternity
ʊi уй roughly like to eternity


  1. ^ a b c d e Used only in loanwords.
  2. ^ [g] and [ɢ] are contrastive in Ulaanbaatar Mongolian, but are allophones of the single phoneme /g/ in some other dialects.
  3. ^ Vowel length is not phonemic.
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