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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Kazakh pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

IPA Cyrillic Kazakh Latin
b б b
d д d
f ф f
g г g
h һ h
j й i'
k к k
l л l
m м m
n н n
ŋ ң n'
p п p
q қ q
ɾ р r
ʁ ғ g'
s с s
ʃ~ɕ ш s'
ʃː~ɕː щ s'c'
t т t
t͡s ц c
t͡ʃ~t͡ɕ ч c'
v в v
w, ʉw~ɘw у y'
x~χ х x
z з z
ʒ~ʑ ж j
IPA Cyrillic Kazakh
ɑ a
æ ә
ɘj, əj и
i̯ɘ, e е, э
jɑ я
jo ё
jʊw ю
ɘ~ɪ i
u̯ʊ о
œ~ø ө
ʊ ұ
ʉ ү
ə ы
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