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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Breton language pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

See Breton phonology and Breton dialects for a more thorough look at the sounds of Breton.

IPA Examples English approximation
b bag best
x sac'h roughly like loch in Scottish English
ɣ troc'h Spanish razgo
d don doe
f fri face
ɡ gad got
h had hot
ʒ jot measure
k kazh scan
l lann lean
ʎ kuilh roughly like million
m mab mother
n noz need
ŋ anken camping
ɲ kignez roughly like canyon
p per spouse
r roue trilled r
ʁ roue roughly like loch (Scottish English) 'but voiced, like gh in Scottish Gaelic'
s skol sack
ʃ sach shine
t tal sty
v aval view
z azen zeal
j yod yet
w gwenn wet
ɥ kuit like a simultaneous wet and yet
IPA Examples English approximation
a kas trap
ɑː tad bra
e boest hey
ɛ gell best
ɛː berr red
i pik see
biz bee
o pok go
dor law (RP and Australian)
ɔ korn lott RP and Australian
ɔː torr saw
y butun roughly like Scottish shoot
uvel roughly like Scottish shoes, like German über
ə ebeul (regional) roughly like bird (RP) (no r-colouring)
ø peulvan roughly like bird (no r-colouring)
øː eur roughly like herd (no r-colouring), like German schön
œ feurm roughly like hurt (no r-colouring), like French neuf
u toull too
u: tour pool
Nasal vowels
ã amzer roughly like on (American English), nasalized [ɒ] or [ɑ]. rendez-vous
ãː anat
ẽː enez
ɛ̃ ps roughly like man (RP); nasalized [æ] or [ɛ]
ɛ̃ː vor
ĩ bs
ĩ fval like Hindi नहीं
ɔ̃ tonn roughly like bone (American English); nasalized [o] or [ɔ]
ɔ̃ː ton
ỹː unan
œ̃ feunteun
œ̃ː deun

IPA Examples English approximation
ai eye
oi boy
ɔʊ bot follow
ei eil ray
au glav house
ɔu paour
eu bev eh-oo or ey-oo
we boued
ɥi skuizh
iu liv

Chart for the Voiced/Unvoiced alternations

Consonants distributed for the Voiced/Unvoiced opposition
Unvoiced /p/ /f/ /t/ /s/ /ʃ/ /k/ /x/
Voiced /b/ /v/ /d/ /z/ /ʒ/ /ɡ/ /ɣ/


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