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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Berber language pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

In the interest of pan-dialectal legibility, the Berber Latin alphabet omits the partly phonemic contrast found in some Berber language varieties (notably Kabyle and Tarifit) between stops and fricatives.

IPA English approximation Berber Latin letter Tifinagh (IRCAM) equivalent
b bed B b
β between bed and wavy B b,
ç huge K k,
d do D d
dz in words zz -
just Ǧ ǧ
ð this D d,
ðˤ this
f fin F f
ɡ go G g
ɣ no English equivalent gh
h hello H h
ħ no English equivalent
j yes Y y
ʝ yes G g, ǥ
k cat K k
l let L l
m man M m
n no N n
θ bath T t,
q no English equivalent Q q
r rolled r R r
no English equivalent
ʁ French r Gh gh, Ɣ ɣ or Γ γ
s sun S s
ʃ ship C c
t stick T t
no English equivalent
ts cats ţţ -
China Č č
w weep W w
ʷ (labialization) no English equivalent (sometimes °)
χ (Scottish) loch X x
z zoo Z z
ʒ measure J j
ʕ no English equivalent  â, Ɛ ɛ or Σ ε
IPA English approximation Berber Latin letter Tifinagh (IRCAM) equivalent
æ fat A a
ə about E e
i sheet I i
ʊ put U u
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