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Coat of arms of Heinenoord
Coat of arms
Highlighted position of Binnenmaas in a municipal map of South Holland
Location of Municipality Binnenmaas in South Holland
Coordinates: 51° 50′ NB, 4° 29′ OL
Country Netherlands
Province South Holland
(January 2017)[1]
 • Total 3,559
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)
Area code 0186
Heinenoord, church

Heinenoord is a town in the Dutch province of South Holland on the island Hoekse Waard. It is located about 10 km south of Rotterdam, in the municipality of Binnenmaas.

Heinenoord was a separate municipality until 1984, when it became part of Binnenmaas. After 1855, the municipality also covered the village of Goidschalxoord.[2]

The Heinenoordtunnel is a road tunnel located near Heinenoord and is named after it.

There is also a bus station near Heinenoord called the Busstation Heinenoord which serves as a public transport hub in the Hoekse Waard.


Heinenoord is a village located on the island Hoeksche Waard in the province of Zuid-Holland. It is a Linear settlement, built on a dike. The neighbouring village Goidschalxoord, which is also a linear settlement, is a township of Heinenoord. Kuipersveer and Blaaksedijk are also townships of Heinenoord.

Since 14 November 1968, the Hoeksche Waard is connected with Barendrecht on the island of [[IJsselmonde] through the Heinenoordtunnel.


In the middle ages, Heinenoord and its surroundings were known as "het Land van Wale". After the St. Elizabeth's flood (1421), Heinenoord was engulfed by the water. It recovered around 1437, when the land was reclaimed. Around that time the village of Heynkensort was founded. Together with Goidschalxoord and the townships Kuipersveer and Blaaksedijk it formed one municipality from 1855 until 1984.

On 17 february 1945, an angry mob shot the NSB-mayor M.A. Simonis from Nieuw-Beijerland on Heinenoord territory. The next day ten Dutchmen were executed by a German firing squad as reprisal, who were imprisoned in Scheveningen. On the same place in 1950, the monument moeder, Dutch for "mother", was unveiled.


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  • J. Kuyper, Gemeente Atlas van Nederland, 1865-1870, "Heinenoord". Map of the former municipality, around 1868.

Coordinates: 51°50′N 4°29′E / 51.833°N 4.483°E / 51.833; 4.483

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