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Hanne Tott or Tod, also called Price and Kuhn (14 February 1771 - August 15,1826), was a Danish circus artist and circus manager. She and her family played an important part in the history of the circus in Scandinavia. She should not be confused with her sister-in-law Rosalia Price, also called Madame Price.

She was born to Stephen and Hanne Todd and married in 1791 to the British circus manager James Price (1761-1805). She and her spouse toured Scandinavia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway with their circus. In 1793-94, they performed at Stenborg Theatre in Stockholm. From 1795, they regularly performed in Copenhagen during the summer and toured Denmark and Norway during the winter. They were permitted to found a permanent stage in Copenhagen in 1801. She became manager after the death of her spouse in 1805. In 1810, she married Frantz Joseph Kuhn (1783-1832), with whom she shared her position as manager.


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