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Halo generally refers to:

Halo or HALO may also refer to:

Businesses and organizations

Science, technology, and mathematics

Astronomy and space science


Medicine and psychology


  • Halo (optical phenomenon), an atmospheric light effect produced by ice crystals
  • Halation, a problem in photography
  • Heiligenschein an optical phenomenon giving a bright spot around a shadow, created when the surface on which the shadow falls has special optical characteristics

Other uses in science and technology

  • Halo-, a prefix in chemistry indicating the names of compounds which contain one or more halogen atoms
  • Halo antenna, a common omnidirectional antenna
  • HALO jump, a High Altitude-Low Opening parachute fall
  • Halo nucleus, of orbiting protons or neutrons
  • Project Halo, an artificial intelligence project of Vulcan Inc.
  • A vehicle wireless charging standard by Qualcomm
  • Mil Mi-26, a helicopter (NATO reporting name "Halo")
  • Halo, a certain type of automobile headlamp
  • Halo (safety device), a component of open-wheel racing cars for protecting the driver's head

Arts and media

Fictional entities







Other uses in music

Other uses in arts and media


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