Hair (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording)

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Hair: An American Tribal Love-Rock Musical
Hair (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording).jpg
Cast recording
Released 1967[1]
Recorded October 30, 1967[citation needed]
Genre Pop, R&B
Length 31:25
Label RCA Victor
Producer George R.Marck, Andy Wiswell[citation needed]

Hair is the cast recording of the original, Off-Broadway cast of the musical Hair: An American Tribal Love-Rock Musical. It was released in 1967 by RCA Victor.[1] Hair premiered Off-Broadway at the Public Theater on October 17, 1967, and the cast album was recorded two weeks later.[citation needed] The lead roles were played by Walker Daniels as Claude, Gerome Ragni as Berger, Jill O'Hara as Sheila, Steve Dean as Woof, Arnold Wilkerson as Hud, Sally Eaton as Jeanie and Shelley Plimpton as Crissy.[2]

In the Off-Broadway version of Hair, the lead role of Claude had been written as a space alien who aspires to be a cinematic director. This was changed for the Broadway production.[3] This Off-Broadway recording includes the songs "Exanaplanetooch" and "Climax," which were cut from the Broadway production. The reviewer for criticized Ragni's and Eaton's vocals but praised Plimpton.[3] When it was released on CD as a bonus disc to the Broadway album, it also included an interview with composer Galt McDermot.[3]

Track listing

Music by Galt MacDermot and lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado:

  1. "Aint Got No" 3:04
  2. "I Got Life" 3:27
  3. "Air" 3:33
  4. "Going Down" 2:34
  5. "Hair" 3:23
  6. "Dead End" 2:59
  7. "Frank Mills" 4:23
  8. "Hare Krishna" 4:29
  9. "Where Do I Go" 2:52
  10. "Electric Blues" 2:41
  11. "Easy to Be Hard" 2:41
  12. "Manchester" 2:41
  13. "White Boys" 2:41
  14. "Black Boys" 2:41
  15. "Walking In Space" 2:41
  16. "Aquarius" 2:41
  17. "Good Morning Starshine" 2:41
  18. "Exanaplanetooch" 2:41
  19. "The Climax" 2:41


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