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Illustration of an HLA-DR (Human MHC class II) antigen receptor with bound antigen
major histocompatibility complex, class II, DR10
Haplotypes groups DQA*01:DRB1*1001
Structure (See HLA-DR)
alpha *0101
Symbol(s) HLA-DRA
beta 1 *1001
Symbol(s) HLA-DRB1
Shared data
Locus chr.6 6p21.31

HLA-DR10 (DR10) is a HLA-DR serotype that recognizes the DRB1*1001 gene product.


DR10 serotype recognition of the DRB1*1001 allele gene product[1]
DRB1* DR10 DR1 Sample
allele % % % size (N)
1001 90 4 894

The serological reaction of DR10 is relatively good.

Disease associations

By serotpye

DR10 sertoype or cognate alleles are associated with: Lichen planus[2]

By allele

DRB1*1001 is associated with ovarian cancer[3] and invasive squamous cell cervical cancer (SCC)[4]

Extended linkage

DRB1*1001:DQA1*01:DQB1*05 haplotype: Rheumatoid arthritis[5] The primary involvement appears to be DR10.

Genetic Linkage

DR10 Haplotypes
Haplotypes *0101 *1001
Haplotypes *0101 *0501 *1001
Haplotypes *0000 *0000 *1001

HLA-DR10 is not genetically linked to DR51, DR52 or DR53, but is linked to HLA-DQ1 and DQ5 serotypes. One haplotype found in caucasians is the HLA-A1-B37-Cw6-DR10-DQ5.


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