HBO Storybook Musicals

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HBO Storybook Musicals
Genre animation
Starring Various
Country of origin United States
Running time Various
Distributor Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original network HBO
HBO Family
Original release November 12, 1987 – December 8, 1993

HBO Storybook Musicals is a series of television specials first airing on HBO, and now airing on HBO Family, combining animation that is true to the original storybook's illustrations, plus high-spirited songs from musical songwriters.


Originally airing as individual, stand-alone TV specials, there are 12 episodes total:

Note: The Red Shoes and The Little Match Girl are no longer being broadcast as part of the series with the possibility of being broadcast for the holidays (The Red Shoes has a Christmas theme in the episode and The Little Match Girl takes place on New Year's Eve 1999: & 2000 4 The Little Red Hen Musical Narrated by The Scarecrow Voiced by Jim M. Sara W. as The Little Red Hen: Jesse G. as The Cat. Jacob W. as The Rat! & The Dog Barry M.)

The Country Mouse and The City Mouse: A Christmas Tale was airing on December 8, 1993[1] and re-airing also on HBO in December 16, 1996[2], currently the cartoon no longer being broadcast because HBO lost right of 1997 TV Series which now owned by DHX Media while 1993 TV special currently distributed by HBO.


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