Gymnastics at the 1984 Summer Olympics – Men's artistic team all-around

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These are the results of the men's team all-around competition, one of eight events for male competitors in artistic gymnastics at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. The compulsory and optional rounds took place on July 29 and 31 at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 United States (USA)
Bart Conner
Timothy Daggett
Mitchell Gaylord
James Hartung
Scott Johnson
Peter Vidmar
 China (CHN)
Li Ning
Li Xiaoping
Li Yuejiu
Lou Yun
Tong Fei
Xu Zhiqiang
 Japan (JPN)
Koji Gushiken
Noritoshi Hirata
Nobuyuki Kajitani
Shinji Morisue
Koji Sotomura
Kyoji Yamawaki


The final score for each team was determined by combining all of the scores earned by the team on each apparatus during the compulsory and optional rounds. If all six gymnasts on a team performed a routine on a single apparatus during compulsories or optionals, only the five highest scores on that apparatus counted toward the team total.

Rank Team Members Total
Gold medal icon.svg  United States (USA) Bart Conner, Peter Vidmar, Scott Johnson, Mitchell Gaylord, James Hartung, Timothy Daggett 591.400
Silver medal icon.svg  China (CHN) Lou Yun, Li Yuejiu, Xu Zhiqiang, Tong Fei, Li Ning, Li Xiaoping 590.800
Bronze medal icon.svg  Japan (JPN) Shinji Morisue, Noritoshi Hirata, Koji Sotomura, Nobuyuki Kajitani, Kyoji Yamawaki, Koji Gushiken 586.700
4  West Germany (FRG) Daniel Winkler, Bemhard Simmelbauer, Andreas Japtok, Benno Gross, Jurgen Geiger, Volker Rohrwick 582.100
5  Switzerland (SUI) Urs Meister, Bruno Cavelti, Marco Piatti, Josef Zellweger, Markus Lehmann, Daniel Wunderlin 579.950
6  France (FRA) Michel Boutard, Joel Suty, Philippe Vatuone, Jacques Def, Jean-Luc Cairon, Laurent Barbieri 578.250
7  Canada (CAN) Warren Long, Allen Reddon, Bradley Peters, Frank Nutzenberger, Philippe Chrtrand, Daniel Gaudet 577.150
8  South Korea (KOR) Seoung-Gu Nam, Chung-Sik Han, Jeoung-Sik Lee, Kwang-suk Chae, Tae-Eun Chang, Young-Sam Ju 574.950
9  Great Britain (GBR) Edmund Van Hoof, Carl Beynon, Barry Winch, Keith Langley, Terry Bartlett, Andrew Morris 571.000


  • Official Olympic Report

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